The weather has finally warmed up and we are ready to switch out our warm clothes for our spring favorites! This is the perfect opportunity to bring your lightweight pieces back into your wardrobe & give your closet a much needed makeover. Spring Cleaning can feel overwhelming to many people but I hope these tips & tricks will help you feel less overwhelmed and ready to attack this task with a positive spirit!

  1. Start Small – make a list to visualize what you need to accomplish but remember that every task, big or small, will eventually get you closer to your goal. If organizing your shoes is enough for one day, that is an accomplishment in itself. Take your time to get organized. Finishing smaller tasks overtime will get your goal of Spring Cleaning accomplished while keeping you motivated daily. These small tasks will feel so great, they will push you to finish more!
  2. Take in account your space – What does your closet look like? Do you have more hanging or folding space. This will allow you to visualize where you need to focus your cleaning and how to efficiently go about that. If you have more hanging space, try to add your jeans or pants to hangers as well to keep less bulk in bunches. If you have more folding space, think about purchasing cubes that keep clothing organized. Remember that folding is an art and there is a better way to go about it. There are so many wonderful options to keeping your folded clothes organized, check below for my favorites!
  3. Keep, Sell or Donate – This is Key in helping you decide what to keep & what needs a second life. Those pieces that you wear constantly or were investment pieces usually stay in our closets for a while. They make us feel secure & bring wonderful memories. Choose which pieces no longer give you the feeling of happiness and decide if they are worth selling. If not, choose a cause that inspires you, like a local shelter, to give back to.
  4. Use Space Wisely – Those empty walls in your closet can be useful. There are so many options of modern looking “Command hooks”. I recommend you choose the style you like & use those to hang jewelry, bags & accessories. You clear up space & visually allow yourself to see your accessories while getting dressed. It’s a win win.
  5. Invest in the right Tools – Hangers are key to keeping a closet organized. Invest in sturdy, thin hangers that keep your clothes organized & do not take up much room. I also recommend plastic bins & drawer organizers to keep your intimates & folded clothes tidy. A full length mirror will help you decide what clothes to keep & what to purge. Just a couple things to invest in that make a big difference. You can find some of the best hangers to clean your space below! Feel free to shop them…
  6. Hire Someone – If organizing just isn’t for you, call the professionals. That is why they do what they do & they do it so well! I had El Order de Las Cosas come to my house & although I have a very organized home, they seemed to make everything better. They start fresh, pull everything out and tell you the best way to organize your space. That gives you a jump start to keeping clean all year round. In Mexico, I have worked with OrdendelasCosas and they are absolutely amazing. They truly are professionals at finding the best solutions for your space & giving you the tools to maintain it!