I cannot start my day without a hot green tea, so you can imagine how excited I was to find these free TEA TIME TREATS printables!! 
I not only wanted to pass you the link for the printables, but also show how perfect they are for having the ladies over for afternoon tea. 
What do you think? Is it worth the paper cuts? 
I love, love, love them!!! Thank you The Pretty Blog for this fantastic treat!
Hope you love them as much as I do!!!
You’ll Need:
– High-quality printable
– Scissors & Tape
– Tea bags 

– Your favorite tea

1. Print out the Tea Time Treats printable
2. Cut along lines
3. Fold & tape inside folds
4. Fill tea bags with favorite Tea
5. Tape “For you” and hearts onto tea bag puller 

6. Place filled and ready tea bags inside “You are Beautiful” bags.
7.  Enjoy!