Hello Everyone!! Here with a style tip for The button down shirt. We all have one in our closet, in my case, it is one of my favorite basics! I have them in white, in blue, in red, with stripes… lets just say I have a lot of button down shirt! I wanted to show you a coupe ways to change the style and freshen up that closet basic!

1.Leave the top two buttons open and wrap the shirt around your bust. Then use the sleeves to tie in a knot around your waist and voila!! This look works as a dress as well if you have a mens size shirt. I do this a lot in summer time with a bikini under it!

2. I really love using button downs with jeans but using them with jean skirts & shorts is adorable to. This shirt basically has the same silhouette of the jean skirt so it gives the illusion of a dress. Playing with silhouettes and color combinations is always interesting but try a monochromatic look to modernize the feel!

3. Wearing a button down the traditional way is by far my favorite so in order to give it a twist, you can knot it up in the front with a hair waisted skirt or jeans. High waisted is back so that is an easy look to accomplish and you are giving your button down a new use in your wardrobe!!