Hello Loves,

I wanted to share with you all one of my favorite closet basics worn 2 ways. The Blazer to me is a key piece in my closet. I have black blazers, nude blazers, printed blazers… honestly it is a great piece to add a little glamour & sophistication to every look. What I most love about the blazer is its versatility. Depending on the length, I love the fact that I can wear my blazer during the day with my favorite jeans or at night as a cocktail dress. Here is the Blazer 2 ways!

Blazer with Crop Top – I know that the crop top is a huge trend but some people just aren’t comfortable showing so much skin! I get it ladies, I am still a little weary of the full crop look, so add a blazer to give the look some cover but also keep on trend!Blazer as a Dress – I absolutely love wearing my favorite blazers as dresses at night. I feel like it really gives that sexy yet sophisticated feel for a night on the town. I especially love how this blazer has a tie wrap that gives your body a great waist line while keeping it casual with the bright colored print.

I am excited to start sharing ideas of how to re-use your closet basics so let me know what you think about the Blazer 2 Ways! Here are some of my favorite blazers to shop right now! All my love! xx