The Shirt Dress
Total Look – Zara
Gold Bracelet – Agatha Paris
Gold Earrings – Boutique in Nice, France
This look is one that I am a huge fan of.  I was inspired by my lovely girlfriend Farah of the blog Farabian who just recently moved away from Barcelona. At her going away party she was wearing such a chic Carrie Bradshaw inspired white shirt – the after sex look. I wanted to take that look and make it wearable for the day time. 
I really love the color of this silk shirt from Zara, simple and day time wearable. I have a slip skirt that is almost the exact tone which is perfect to wear underneath. 
The nude sandals and matching nude bag just made the look even more perfect.
I hope you all love the look but I want to know,  have you been caught the morning after with something similar?
Photos by Luis Lau