In the world of fashion, trends usually vary from coast to coast, city to city, and country to country. Although areas like New York City, Los Angeles, London, Paris, and Milan reign when it comes to setting fashion trends, there are plenty of other places that are carving out their own territories in the fashion landscape. Lately, designs from Barcelona and London have mesmerized the fashion world, with colors, prints, and patterns coming from Spain’s second largest city and chic, refined designs emerging from England’s capital city.
The looks highlighted in collections inspired by Londoners include typical British attire like trenches in white and khaki and shiny, brightly-colored wellies, along with simple, chic dresses, tailored button-down shirts, fitted coats, ties, and blazers. In Barcelona, striking colors of red, yellow, orange, and purple combine with white-and-black patterns and metallics to create crafty, sophisticated pieces. So what are some of the fabulous fashions trending in Barcelona and London this spring and summer? Here is just a sample what’ll be coming out of these cities during the forthcoming spring and summer months.
According to Vogue, S/S 2014 will feature a number of radiant colors and eye-catching prints. However, chic British designs will also be quite popular with fashionistas around the globe. And, while much of the Brit style focuses on items like raincoats, quilted jackets, and luxurious cashmere sweaters, there are other British-inspired pieces that will be trending this spring and summer.
That’s particularly true in suits, blazers, and coats. Consisting of fine tailoring and detailed cuts, many of the items in British collections have a masculine appeal. Not only that, but as Marks and Spencer highlights in its Best of British collection, they are created with quality fabrics and modern cuts fitted with a strong androgynous appearance. British designers are adding even more to this mannish look by including extras like slim-fitting button-down shirts and neck ties. Be bold and don a neck tie with a knee-length A-line skirt and patterned tights or sport a classic, tailored suit with a patterned blouse. No matter how you wear them, refined British designs are a must have for this spring and summer regardless of your locale.
photo by Vogue

Madrid may be the fashion capital of Spain, but Barcelona has a number of trends that are putting this Catalonian community on the fashion map. Last fall, designers showcased a variety of S/S 2014 fashions during the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Madrid, and, according to the styles we saw on the runways, colors will dominate the the upcoming warm weather seasons. In Barcelona in particular, garments bearing an array of intense shades will be trending during the spring and summer, so don’t be surprised to see attire in striking hues like terracotta, honey, tangerine, and (the Pantone Color of the Year for 2014) radiant orchid.
photo by Marc & Spencer
Fashion houses are also incorporating simple colors like black and white, but using them in monochrome designs. Simple white ensembles like those featured in Harper’s Bazaar will also be fixtures on the fashion scene with trendsetters integrating other laid-back looks from the coasts of California or sophisticated pieces from British collections.
From the rainy marshes of the Welsh countryside to the beaches surrounding Port OlĂ­mpic, the styles of London and Barcelona are in great contrast to each other, however, they have inspired designers from both regions and beyond. And whether you opt to wear tailored and androgynous outfits or garments in obnoxious colors and patterns, you’re sure to fit right in with the hot trends of S/S 2014 fashion season.