I had the privileged to attend an event at a new “slow fashion” store in Barcelona, VASYA.
Filled with one a piece garments and accessories, this store is what it is all about…
Finding a passion and following it…

A visit filled with bubbly, yummy treats, and unique designs… this store is a MUST to visit in order to find that ONE garment. Sasha is the independent designer who calls this store home. She is just oozing creativity and its inspiring to us all…
After our visit, we received a beautiful gift. 
A very versatile necklace made of the most amazing printed silks which Ms. Arabella de Cuenta tres showed us how to convert our necklace into a belt or headpiece. 
Such a wonderful idea that I had to try it for myself…
Do you like it?? It was too easy!!! 
I’m hoping that Arabella makes a video to show you all how to do the hair style.
I will keep you posted.
Thanks for the love and if you are ever in town, make sure to stop by VASYA
LAS GALERÍAS MALDÀ  en Plaza del Pi, 4 local 38A
xo. ella
Photo Credit: Luis Lau